Elevated Elements - Kitchen & Bath Design News

There’s no question that beautiful kitchen and bath designs are elevated by the inclusion of luxury elements, whether they are small touches such as cabinet hardware or style cornerstones like vanities. From impeccable detailing to opulent finishes to high-tech operation, luxury items deliver a user experience unlike any other. 

With so many exceptional products to choose from, selecting the best of the best each year is not an easy task. That’s why the Bethesda, MD-based Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association hand selects a team of leading industry experts to narrow down the field and zero in on which products lead the pack. The Product of the Year Awards, sponsored by the DPHA, recognizes uniqueness, design, functionality, innovation and technological superiority and honors the winners in a range of categories. The independent panel of judges for the 2022 awards included: Mary Jo Peterson, principal, Mary Jo Peterson Design in Brookfield, CT; Eliot Sefrin, founding director and publisher emeritus of Kitchen & Bath Design News; Alissa Ponchione, executive editor at Hospitality Design magazine; Molly Switzer, creator, Molly N. Switzer Designs in Portland, OR, and Alena Capra, owner, Alena Capra Designs in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Steel Grating Standard Sizes

Elevated Elements - Kitchen & Bath Design News

Award winners were presented in nine separate categories: Fixture/Bathroom, Fixture/Kitchen, Mechanical, Water Delivery, Furniture, Accessory, Hardware/Cabinet, Hardware/Door and Technology. The Products of the Year were announced at DPHA’s annual conference and product showcase held this past fall in New Orleans, LA. ▪

Designed by Spanish interior decorator Lázaro Rosa Violán, Gessi’s Venti20 collection showcases a purity of form and formal details in eclectic finishes with an Art Deco vibe. With carefully dosed retro notes, yet doing away with nostalgic replicas, the Venti20 Collection breathes new life into signature elements the 1920s are known for – the detailing, iconic style and playful essence, notes the company.

The Marie Collection reflects a haute couture design and embraces a bespoke color palette that can be adapted to each component of the collection. Finishes include mattes of Mist, Blush and Matte Black along with gloss looks of Chrome, French Gold and Gloss Black, allowing designers and users to fully customize their faucets and easily integrate them into any project, states BARIL Design. The handles controlling water flow and temperature can be placed anywhere, whether for better ergonomics, visual intrigue or both.

SPOUTS: Baveno Kitchen Sink System

BOCCHI’s Baveno Kitchen Sink System enables homeowners to maximize their workspace by easily hiding their sink and faucet and allowing them to swap between having a kitchen sink or hiding it away in favor of more counter space, notes the company. The system includes a selection of telescopic faucets that move from their up position to hide away inside the sink beneath the covers. The Baveno sinks, available in nine fireclay colors and three granite options, also feature an integrated workstation ledge and an array of accessories.

Mila International’s Infinity Workstation features patent- pending sliding rail accessories that use triangular solid stainless steel rails that are welded inside of the sink. The minimalist rail design delivers advantages over 90-degree bent accessories, according to the company, with a triangle shape that eliminates the flat surface of a ledge where dirt and debris can accumulate. The bevel built into the bottom of each sink bowl corner creates a generous angle for sponges and other cleaning wipes to reach corners, the company adds.

Claybrook Interiors: MarbleForm Wall-Hung Basin

Claybrook Interiors’ MarbleForm Wall-Hung Basin Collection is manufactured using MarbleForm, a molded stone product that contains reclaimed marble dust mixed with resin. MarbleForm products are durable, non-porous, resistant to stains, repairable, heat retentive and easy to maintain, according to the company. The Collection includes four new basin styles – Apollo, Ayla, Deck and Jura – in an expanded color palette that includes Brick, Forest Green, Leather, Midnight Blue, Nude and Olive Green, as well as other MarbleForm colors.

MTI Baths: Bowie Pedestal Sink

The Bowie Pedestal Sink from MTI Baths showcases the distinctively characteristic Bowie pleated design, matching that of MTI’s Bowie Tub. The pedestal fixture measures 24″x16″x36″ and is created using SculptureStone, an engineered solid stone. The sink bowl is available in white or biscuit in a soft matte or hand-polished deep gloss finish. The exterior is a soft matte finish or can be specified in one of six colors in matte or gloss finish.

Fairmont Designs: Grand Central Collection

Paying tribute to mid-century modern design, the Grand Central Collection from Fairmont Designs features matte black metal legs and minimalist edge pulls that highlight the hues of natural walnut. The vanity is available in six sizes ranging from 24″ to 72″ double, including a 60″ single sink. Functionality is also at its core, with ample storage including purposeful drawers, built-in electrical outlets and USB ports standard on all sizes, notes the firm.

Stone Forest’s Elemental FACET is characterized by brass legs with coin-knurled fittings supporting any combination of stone, wood and steel components. The distinctive modular concept of the piece allows for the mixing of integral stone sinks, wood drawers and steel or wood shelving in unlimited combinations. Brass legs and fittings are available in either aged brass, matte black or polished nickel finishes.

The Jeeves wet-rated installation kit from Amba Products delivers technology that makes it possible for heated towel racks to be safely installed and operated in wet areas and shower alcoves. A significant step forward for design in the bath, the installation kit includes a series of stainless steel and rubber components that attach to the heated towel rack to prevent moisture from entering the electrical housing.

Mountain Plumbing Products: Perfect Grind Stealth Series Food Waste Disposers

While traditional food waste disposers use an AC induction motor that generates low torque along with only 1725 rpms, the Perfect Grind Stealth Series Food Waste Disposers from Mountain Plumbing Products use a DC permanent magnet motor for more power. The DC motor produces 30% more torque than the AC induction motor, which means that the Mountain Perfect Grind Stealth Series Disposers are virtually jam-proof, according to the company. The disposers come with a lifetime warranty.

Mountain Plumbing Products: Tub Docking Station

From Mountain Plumbing Products comes the Tub Docking Station, which eliminates the need to tilt the tub on its side to connect the tub to the brass tailpiece from the underside. As a result, installers no longer need to lift and lower the tub to connect the tub to the drain rough-in. The Tub Docking Station mounts the rough-in flange and tailpiece to the floor instead of the tub, which allows installers to slide the tub into place and align it to the drain holes. Drains are removable and can be replaced without uninstalling the tub.

Infinity Drain: Hair Maintenance Kit

Infinity Drain has developed a patent-pending hair basket for all of its drains, designed to capture more hair, soap scum, shampoo, conditioner and other small debris that cause drains to clog than traditional drain screens. The design of the company’s Hair Maintenance Kit allows homeowners to easily remove, clean and replace the decorative grate, thereby avoiding the leading cause of drain clogs in the bath, notes the firm.

Belwith-Keeler Décor Solutions: Bijou Collection

Comprised of 12 product families, the Bijou Collection of decorative hardware from Belwith-Keeler Décor Solutions features jewelry-inspired designs. The star of the Bijou Collection is the X Pull, originally created for a major furniture manufacturer more than 40 years ago. A blend of classic lines and modern elegance, the X Pull delivers soft curves and distinctive style especially for today’s furniture-inspired pieces.

California Faucets’ Appliance Pulls received an honorable mention in the cabinet hardware category. Made from all brass and available in more than 25 finishes, appliance pulls from California Faucets enable a kitchen to be finished in any style desired, according to the company. Four styles are available in the line, designed to coordinate with any traditional, contemporary, transitional or industrial design.

The Precision Collection is a standard customizable door, window and cabinet hardware offering from Frank Allart, featuring eight different texture options including: Smooth, Diamond Knurl, Diamond Mesh, Linear, Spiral/Starburst, Rotor, Groove and Square Mesh. Designers can mix and match the textures, designs, sizes and finishes in this collection to create a personal combination with more than 50 million different standard options, states the firm.

Accurate Lock & Hardware: Invisi-Mount Mounting System

The Invisi-Mount Mounting System from Accurate Lock & Hardware eliminates the need to mount hardware using screws. Instead, the invisi-mount system utilizes rare-earth magnets for secure and precise installation as an upgrade to exposed or concealed fastener options. The system works well for MDF and softer wood door species where smaller wood screws easily strip and lose hold, notes the firm. The system also makes installation simple and less critical as flush pulls snap into place.

ThermaSol: SignaTouch Smart Touchscreen Control

Lights, music, precision water and temperature control and shower outlet selections can be controlled with a simple touch thanks to the SignaTouch Smart Touchscreen Control. Available from ThermaSol, the streamlined, 5″ LCD in-shower control can be mounted vertically or horizontally in the shower. It features built-in Bluetooth stereo audio output when paired with the Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead as well as two customizable user settings, 15 trims and finishes and a recessed design for seamless installation.

With the push of a button, users can precisely control water flow in the shower thanks to the GrohTherm Smart Control from GROHE. Clear symbols on the buttons provide simple and intuitive operation for the user, and the integrated GROHE Turbostat technology prevents unpleasant temperature fluctuations, states the firm. Just one rough-in and one trim is needed to run six shared or three individual water features.

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Elevated Elements - Kitchen & Bath Design News

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