perforated wooden roof drapes over outdoor café in vietnam

Architectural group Dinh Anh Tuan, known as The Bloom architects, shapes an intricate wooden roof to cover a quiet café hiding in Vietnam‘s green hillside. Located in a peaceful area of Lam Dong, hiding in the natural landscape, Nguyen Coffee pops up raising a cover made out of wooden strips. The roof system is erected like a curtain falling slightly above, revealing tiny open spots, to let some sun rays shed through. Using completely natural materials, the floor plan, the column, and the roof system arrange around a glass volume of the bar assembling an open layout overlooking the scenery.

all images by Hiroyuki Oki Roof Cladding Profiles

Spatial design by the Vietnamese design studio Dinh Anh Tuan arrays an open plan connecting indoor and outdoor zones seamlessly. The roof system develops three layers, with the first one laying a transparent corrugated iron sheet that reduces the light intensity letting just enough daylight to shed through. The second coat of iron shields the construction from rainwater and intense sunlight. Finally, the third ceiling system level is made of natural wood helps reduce noise, insulate and at the same time create intricate lighting effects and shadows on the café’s plan. All columns support the structure with solid natural wood linking the core and the shell in harmony. The project leaves the natural slopping site unaffected retaining the original topography and can be completely dismantled.

name: the bloom designer: dinh anh tuan

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